the big picture

i had the loveliest day today. 
when i woke up and looked in the mirror, the first thing i noticed was my new hair colour which i love (it was about time to get rid of that boring, grungy brown)!
returning home, i had great lunch and fantastic cupcakes awaiting me, all made by my mum,
then we went for a walk shooting lots of pictures, now laying lazily around.
tomorrow i'll make my way back to berlin via leipzig. i absolutely cannot be bothered with the new semester, but i am very much looking forward to new spring and summer adventures coming up. 

here are some pictures my mum/baby sister took of me during the walk. 

s. x

dress: hellbunny
handbag: vintage


/guerilla girl

i have decided to occasionally do throwback thursday posts, since i have a lot of photos in my archives that are not up on here yet. these are from almost exactly two years ago, i exactly remember having them taken in a state of post-really-great-gig-euphoria. i went through my old photos today and i quite liked these, so i thought 'why not share them?' :)




(by judith)


a handshake of carbon monoxide

hej darlings,
another outfit which has become one of my favourites. 
my resolution to dress mostly in back goes well so far, yet the summer-ish temperatures make it kind of hard to stick to it. we had the first barbecue of the season yesterday, everything looks so pretty, the flowers are in bloom, we're already making summer break plans months in advance, etc.
please excuse my particularly bad hair day. 


ps: i just got an - incase there is anything you'd like to know, go ahead!

skirt: h&m
t-shirt: plain black
jacket: julie 
sneakers: adidas neo
leggins: h&m
sunnies: via
scarf: ?
pendant:  old
handcuff: gift from a friend

(photos by judith)



making the most of having borrowed a blonde wig and confessing my love for twin peaks. 
(go watch it if you haven't already!)

i'll see you again in 25 years,


coping mechanisms for never receiving flowers from people who should know better.